Asus Motherboard Reviews Roundup

Well, time goes by and old posts slip into the cracks.

Here are all the ASUS motherboard reviews we’ve done in the past. Honestly, they’re a bit out of date, but hear me out. There’s a lot you can tell about our methodology and how it has changed very little over time.

Well, here they are, in no particular order.

Well, hope you enjoyed that little blast from the past.

Asus P4P8X Pentium 4 Motherboard Review

Asus P4P8X Motherboard

Here’s a golden oldie. Released over 4 years ago this board is still available for those who want to add a new motherboard to a Pentium 4 system.

Old computers can last for a very, very long time and often get disposed of long before their capabilities run out and the components give up the ghost. This board solves one particular problem with very old boards, and that is the lack of upgrade capabilities.

But before we look at those, here’s a list of features:

  • Pentium 4 support
  • Two port SATA RAID
  • 3 x PCI expansion card slots
  • 1 x PCIe x16
  • 8 x USB
  • Onboard audio
  • LAN port

I can honestly admit that I still run a Pentium 4 processor on my primary (and only) computer. It has been in service for 7 years. And still going strong.

I upgraded primarily to take advantage of SATA RAID. After my hard drive crashed and I lost all my data I realized that I needed some sort of RAID solution for safety’s sake. The upgraded motherboard had this as a built-in feature.

For an older P4 system this motherboard will allow the addition of a RAID setup and upgrade to a decent graphics card. The built-in features like audio and LAN can be some nice added extras too.

The pricing is not too low, but this product has been through the paces and come out a winner. With years of proven performance behind it, it’s guaranteed to work well.